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Jana Korb

About Jana Korb

Jana Korb is an aerialist and performer, artist and producer of contemporary circus and street theater. Furthermore she networks for public appreciation of circus as art. She works artistically and organisationally for the visibility of women in performing arts.

She trained aerial arts with Orit Nevo and Mike Wright, and learned physical theater with Elias Cohen and Gabriel Chame. She studied cultural studies (HU and FU Berlin) and fine arts (HdK Berlin).
She works in and for different companies (Sol'Air, Eclair en l'Air), but above all she works a a freelance artist with her own circus productions.

Apart from performing in gala shows and corporate events, in circus and variete, she has been researching to transcend aerial arts and to find a new approach and body language to the space and the technique of trapeze, silks and rope.
Coming from Czech experimental theater, she realized this with her solo-production “Pani Vladusch – TrapezTanzTheater”, which she has been performing and touring with in the last four years. Her last production are aerial theater, “Paper Dolls” – based on a novel by Margaret Atwood, as well as the “Vintage! Women – an artistic time journey to historic circus ladies”. Her co-production “Trapetheater Daumenkino” received grants from Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Fonds Darstellende Künste and Deutsch-Tschechischer Zukunftsfonds, and was nominated for Jeunes Talents Cirque in 2004.

Together with other artists and producers she founded Forum Neuer Zirkus in Berlin in 2014 – a platform presenting artistic circus in german speaking countries on a big scale for the first time. Forum aims to acknowledge New Circus as art within German cultural politis and state funding.
For 2016, together with Daniel Megnet, she founded the Aerial Arts Festival Berlin – an international networking, performance and workshops festival – to premiere in October 2016.

Since 2013 she is an active member of the Magdalena Project, an international network of women in performing arts. At the moment she and other Magdalenas are preparing a theater festival in Munich.
The visibility of women has also been crucial for Jana Korb in her artistic work. For years she has been researching the history and cultural sociology of gender in circus arts. In this context she created several productions: Vintage! Women! Variete! a circus theater for public space, a mobile exhibition about women in circus in the beginning of the 20th century, and variete MCing with lecture performances.

Jana Korb created performances for artists Christoph Schlingensief, John Bock und Fura dels Baus. She performed at galas for German Bundespräsident Horst Köhler and Czech President Vaclav Havel. She performed at events of Mercedes, o2 Deutschland, Deutsche Bahn and many more, as well as in varietes und gala events.
Her productions were performed at numerous German, Czech and other European theater and art festivals (documenta, at.tension, Ostrale, Pflasterspektakel, Aqua Magica, Letni Letna, Odin Teatret, Fun Fatale Festival, Menen, StreetArtnimation, Sail Amsterdam usw.).

Teachers for Aerials and Performance

Mike Wright • Orit Nevo • Johanna Bäumler • Fons Bennink • Mimbre • Manuela Heider de Jahnsen • Gabriel ChameElias CohenMinako Seki

M.A. Professors

Prof. Dr. Astrid Deuber-Mankowsky • Dr. Rosalinde Sartorti

Affiliations and Networks

INZ – Initiative Neuer Zirkus
Forum Neuer Zirkus – Contemporary Circus in Germany
The Magdalena Project – International Network of Women in Performing Arts
TiÖR – Assoziation for Theater in Public Space
VUESCH e.V. – Verein zur Überwindung der Schwerkraft – Circus Training in Berlin/Friedrichshain
S.C.E.N.E.5 e.V. – The Arts in Berlin/Friedrichshain


Aerial Arts
Solo – Trapeze, Silks, Rope, Lyra/Aerial Hoop, Wall Dance etc.
Duo – Trapeze, Silks, Rope, Swing etc.
• everything in the air intrigues me: Chandeliers, Nets, Strings, Anchors, Rigs, Hot Air Balloons etc. •

Circus Techniques
Acro Balance, Stilts, Glass Walking, Fire Eating, Fire Spinning

Aerial Dance, Wall Dance, Dance Trapeze
Climbing, Skiing, Sailing, Surfing

fluent – German, English, Czech, Russian
okay – French
basics – Spanish