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Ensemble Aerials

In her wok within ensembles and compagnies, Jana Korb is searching for interdisciplinarity and transcendation of traditional borders: by combining physical theater with circus arts, dance with aerials and new media…
Thus she creates deep, condensed and touching theater pieces – using aerial arts as her physical expression and narrative.
Her world of aerial theater is painfully human, is about personal dreams and examines pure emotions.

Vintage! Women! Variete!, Foto: Jürgen Scheer

Vintage! Women! Variete!

An artistic journey to the time of the very first grand lady acrobats.
Join us in our relentless, artistic, tragicomic journey! We will lead you inside the skin of circus and variety artists and their unusual lives.
Visit with us the grand circus director Paula Busch, great juggler Lottie Brunn, strong aerialist Luisita Leers, and famous clowness… (hmmm??? Urrrg. Really? There was none? … well – now there are!) and others more.

Mobile variete (appr. 60min.) on own aerial rig
Premiere: June 2012 further informations

Vintage! Women! Variete!, Foto: Jürgen ScheerVintage! Women! Variete!, Gestaltung: Tobias Stiefel
da wo du bist..., Foto: Raphaelle Neron

da wo du bist...

Vertikal Rope and Voice Improvisations
a duett of the series “Luft+Laut Projects”
A new and fascinating production with Jana Korb on the aerial rope, accompagnied by dancer and singer Jennie Zimmermann:
an inventive interaction of voice and aerial arts, in the moment, different each performance – all about the tragic and freeing theme of staying and leaving…

Dance and voice improvisation on the rope and with a musical loop-machine (appr. 10min), aerial rope in min. 5,50m height, one rigging point (20kN)
Video da wo du bist
further informations

da wo du bist..., Foto: Raphaelle Neronda wo du bist..., Foto: Raphaelle Neron
Ladies of the Air

Ladies of the Air

Multi Aerial Performances
For years Jana Korb has been part of a professional network of extraordinary aerialists – her colleagues since their artistic training. They have been creating multi leveled and synchronized aerial performances as duetts, trios or more:
on aerial silks, trapezes and other aerial apparatus – with dance intros, breathtaking partner acrobatics and more!

Depending on your event, depending on your ideas – everything is possible!
And we are many!

Sail Amsterdam - Ladies of the AirLadies of the Air
Vertigo - Fire Dance and Aerial Arts, Foto: Vojtech Brtnicky


Fire Arts and Acrobatics
On her quest of trancending traditional aerial arts, Jana Korb joined fireshow compagnie mosaique: mosique creates breathtaking fire shows and extraordinary acrobatics!
Their new production “vertigo” combines the power of fire with the lightness of aerial arts. Jana Korb, Jennie Zimmermann and Johannes Bruhn create a piece of contemporary circus, introducing a new genre: Aerial Fire Fusion!

Trapeze, fire arts and aerial dance – open air and indoors on a freestanding aerial rig!
Video vertigo
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Vertigo - Fire Dance and Aerial Arts, Foto: Vojtech BrtnickyVertigo - Fire Dance and Aerial Arts, Foto: Vojtech Brtnicky
Glücksspinne, Foto: Katerina Mutlova

The Spider and other Walking Acts

Walking acts
Close up contact with the audience – Jana Korb achieves this with her performances on stilts and with acrobatic and fire close up acts.
Her walking acts mesmerize her audience, startle, amaze and surprise them. Her characters are quirky ladies, benign monsters, and big-mouthed heroines. Fire magic and stilts acrobatics included…
On stilts Jana walks as the lucky spider, pirate Cpt. Long Bone Bonny, Queen of Toads, High Society and many more…
Close-ups comprise Frau Feuer (together with Herr Feuer), Family Pigmenta and acrobatic site specific performances…

Walking acts or opening animations by night and day

zirka trollop

zirka trollop

Literature Acrobatics
with a story by Franz Kafka
A trapeze artist had so arranged her life that she never came down from her trapeze by night or day. For railway journeys – as a wretched alternative to her usual way of living – she had to pass the time up on the luggage rack.
But one day, she decided that one trapeze was not enough – she from now on needed two trapezes. “Only the one bar in my hands—how can I go on living!”

Literature Acrobatics with Anja Gessenhardt (ca. 10min), ground space min. 4m x 2m



The aerial repertoire of Jana Korb comprises of both independent productions and also joint co-operation with larger companies and emsembles. Her oldest co-operation is within Trapeze Duo Sirius. Furthermore she was involved in the productions of Trapeztheater Daumenkino and Hang10.
Currently she performs as an aerial silks and corde lisse artist with mosaique.
Video 12 days by Hang10

Trapeztheater DaumenkinoTrapeztheater Daumenkino