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Solo Aerial Arts

The trapeze appears to be a confined space encompassing five cubic meters of air. Unrestricted by this limitation Jana Korb presents undreamed possibilities expressing movement and play.
Through her experience with gravity and experiments with friction, grip and momentum she transcends the conventional room space of the trapeze.
Thus she creates sensual aerial performances with lyrical characters and fragile floating stories.

Paper Dolls, Foto: Benjamin Krieg

Paper Dolls

Aerial Theater – new production 2012!
A piece about best friends.
A solo about the quiet cruelty and subtle manipulation that is girls' friendships – a reminiscence about childhood BFFs – memories without nostalgia. Yet, “Paper Dolls” is a plea for friendship! Unconditionally. A longing, for the best friend!

Jana Korb transforms Margaret Atwood’s novel “The Cat's Eye” into a solo-play. Accompanied Jennie Zimmermann's voice and soundscapes, with words that seem to mesmerize the audience.

Open Air – Aerial Theater on freestanding rig (9m hoch) – english, appr. 45min.
Director: Kirsten Burger

Paper Dolls, Foto: Vojtech BrtnickyPaper Dolls, Foto: Vojtech Brtnicky
Milonga del Angel, Foto: Vojtech Brtnicky

Milonga del Angel

Tango Ballett on solo trapeze with music by Astor Piazolla.
Dancing in the air, Jana Korb sweeps her audience away into the mesmerizing world of milonga del angel:
Tender movements and playful dance choreographies correspond expressively with Piazolla's music.

Solo trapeze show (10min.), fixed trapeze, min. height 5.m, two rigging points (breaking load 20kN)
Video Milonga del Angel

Milonga del Angel, Foto: Vojtech BrtnickyMilonga del Angel, Foto: Vojtech Brtnicky
Frau Vladusch, Foto: Jan Starek

Frau Vladusch

Tapeze – Dance – Theater
With everyday scenes and a passion for detail Jana Korb under director Erica Ruhl tells a very personal tale. Daily rituals are grotesquely pulled apart and become employed as dancing elements on the ground and on the trapeze. Artistic tricks melt into body language exposing pain and yet moments later provoke laughter. A story emerges of the beauty of everyday movement, of dreams of flying and the recollections of an old woman.

Street Theater (approx. 30min.), 3 fixed trapezes on freestanding trapeze construction
Video Frau Vladusch
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Lady L'Aire, Foto: Carman Jackson

Lady L'Aire

Aerial Silks
Elegant and playful, strong and smooth – Lady l'Aire is dancing with and on her aerial silks.
Tender movements and sweeping choreographies correspond expressively with mysterious cello music.

Solo show (appr. 7min.), aerial silks, min. height 6.m, one rigging point (breaking load 20kN), ground space 3m x 3m
Video Lady l'Aire

Lady L'Aire, Foto: Vojtech BrtnickyLady L'Aire, Foto: Vojtech Brtnicky
Aerial Aria, Foto: Vojtech Brtnicky

Aerial Aria

Solo Trapeze Dance
to the beautiful aria “Pie Jesu” from Webbers Requiem.
Jana Korb seems not of this world – floating in her virgin mary blue robe above the audience. Delicately she dances with Webbers aetheral sounds – and pulls us into an otherworldly space!

Solo trapeze show (10min.), fixed trapeze, min. height 5.m, two rigging points (breaking load 20kN)
Video Aerial Aria

Aerial Aria, Foto: Vojtech BrtnickyAerial Aria, Foto: Vojtech Brtnicky