luftartistin - aerial artiste

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Freistehendes Trapezger├╝st

Rigging points for aerials

Height: min. 4.50m (for Duo min. 6m)
Width for trapeze: ca. 70cm
Load: 20kN* per rigging point

*) If uncertain please ask me for more details!

For the trapeze two hanging points are necessary.- the solo show “Mimikri” can be modified to be played on one hanging point. The air space around the trapeze must be completely free of obstructions (approx. 2m). The area under the trapeze should be level and even (approx. 3m x 4m). Other possibilities for open air events with a trapeze scaffold or crane can be arranged in advance.




The trapeze should be illuminated over its entire length including 2m under the trapeze bar. Ideally two frontal lights, two frontal lights from above and two low spot lights from the side.
For “Mimikri” blue, white and orange lights are preferred. Red and green should not be used!


One crash mat with the dimensions 2m x 3m x 40cm.
If the organiser is unable to provide this mat, then a mat can be provided. In special circumstances or extreme heights a saftey harness will be used.